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Download ACDSee PRO 5 dan Photo manager 14 Full

Saturday, October 1, 2011

[Share] ACDSee Photo Manager 14.0.110 FULL

ACDSee Photo Manager 14.0.110 FULL

ACDSee Photo Manager - powerful tool for viewing, converting, editing, cataloging, sorting, printing, publishing graphic images of a variety of formats. The program also allows you to play various multimedia files. Supports more than 50 different formats, including formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD, MP3, MPG, WMV, GIF, WAV, MPEG, MOV, BMP and others. The program also maintains the original formats of different manufacturers of digital photography. Photographers will be able to put my edited photos in an attractive frame, apply special effects, upload their findings in the online photo archives, as well as create a colorful slide show.

Lightning-fast and easy to use, ACDSee Photo Manager has everything you need to organize your photos, perfect your shots, and share your memories with friends and family. With ACDSee Photo Manager you can quickly and easily browse and find photos, and fix red-eye, lighting and more with easy-to-use editing tools.

"Viewing, converting, editing, cataloging, sorting, and printing images
"Support for more than 50 different image and multimedia file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PSD, MP3, MPG, WMV, GIF, WAV, MPEG, MOV, BMP and others
"Support for a large number of manufacturers of photographic equipment, including Nikon, Canon, Konica-Minolta, Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax and others
"Using a variety of effects, filters and tools for editing graphics
"Support for playback of music and video files
"A quick search of photos and images
»Video slide shows with custom audio
"Adding text to photos (titles and descriptions)
"Using HTML album
"Support for Unicode
"The ability to manage Web-viewing presentations by setting the interval between the displays photos in slide show
"Protection of folders with photos with their synchronization
"The organization at the time of import photos
"Adding custom frames, drop shadows and edge effects
"Return to the original image at any time
"Viewing images with support for Unicode
"A strong work preserving Search
"Playing the enhanced slide show
"And many other possibilities ...

Here are some key features of "ACDSee Photo Manager":
Browse fast:
· Browse your existing collection instantly. There's no need to waste time importing your photos into a separate library. Access your folders and files live, in real time. Sort, group and filter photos by camera information, edited state or other criteria for super fast scanning. You can also browse by date or event to see photos from a specific occasion.

Organize flexibly:
· Create custom categories, add descriptive keywords, edit EXIF ​​and IPTC metadata, and assign ratings to your photos. Tag images with one click and bring them all together for further editing or sharing. You can even organize your photos as you import them from your camera or storage device, saving you even more time.

Find in a flash:
· Find any photo, even if you have thousands in your collection. Enter multi-word keyword phrases like "ski trip" or "birthday party", search only specific folders, leverage your camera's file information, and find that one special image with the Quick Search bar. Build detailed searches and save them for ongoing use.

Manage everything:
· Bring together over 100 file types into one convenient place. View, manage and get extensive format support for your photos, audio and video clips including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, MP3, MPEG, TIFF, WAV and many others. View your files even quicker by setting ACDSee as the default program to open these types of files. Take a look at the complete list of supported file formats.

Protect your photos:
· Keep copies of your photos in case your computer should fail. Synchronize your folders with an external hard drive or networked drive. Or backup your photos and database information to CD or DVD. You can even schedule automatic backups and reminders.

ACDSee 14 Build 110 Release Notes
New Features
New Map View and Geotagging Support.
New Metadata panel allows for custom metadata views.
IPTC Core 1.1 Support with 13 new fields including Creator contact information.
Color Labels.
Drawing Tools.
Lomo, Orton, and Collage special effects.
Archive any image file type on including supported RAW formats.
Upload your local files conveniently by setting selected folders to Sync to Web.
Email ACDSeeOnline albums, post albums on Facebook, and Tweet links to your albums right from Manage Mode.

Improved metadata synchronization between EXIF, IPTC, and XMP.
Performance Improvements for setting metadata into JPG, TIFF, and DNG files.
ACDSee Metadata added to new Metadata panel, eliminating the need for Database tab in Property Pane.
Added support for new EXIF ​​2.3 metadata fields.
Property pane shortcuts: Ctrl-K puts focus into more commonly used IPTC-Keywords field and Alt-K puts focus into ACDSee-Keyword field.
Option to sharpen subsampled images in Viewer to compensate for loss of sharpness when viewing images at less than 100%.
Ability to remove geographic coordinates from files using the Remove from Map command.
Access to ACDSee's Print dialog through QuickView.
Groups in Organize Pane collapse when clicked anywhere on the headers, not just the text.
Updated media player colors to fit selected color scheme
In Edit mode filters requiring a cursor tool, press the spacebar to pan on the image when zoomed in.
Content of IPTC Location fields are included in Quick Search.
Performance improvements in various image processing features such as resizing, sharpening, and creative effects.
External editors accessible from Manage and View mode toolbars.
External editors can be placed on toolbars and custom shortcut keys assigned.
Improved upload / download transfer speed with ACDSee Online.
Now inserting 'Copy' following the name of copied images instead of using 'Copy of' prefix.
When renaming a file, the file's extension is not selected to allow for quick renaming.
The Save As dialog now remembers the last used format when the source image is a RAW file.
The ESC key is set as a keyboard shortcut for the Cancel button in Edit.
Update the EXIF ​​date / time digitized and EXIF ​​date / time in Batch Adjust Timestamp.
Ratings embedded by ACDSee (using Embed ACDSee Metadata feature) can now be seen in other applications supporting xmp: rating and vice versa.
Direct access to Edit mode from QuickView.
Performance improvements for instant category assignment on larger databases.
Import dialog option to import files into separate folders based on file's date.
File modified time is now updated when embedding ACDSee metadata
Repair tool defaults to 'Last Used' preset allowing for continued cloning on multiple images in a row without needing to constantly change the radio button.
Improvements to the undo buffer in Edit mode allow for improved experience with large resolution images.
Property Pane now available in Edit mode.
Hovering over image now displays pixel RGB values ​​in the status bar of Develop and Edit mode.
One-click toggles between 100% and default zoom in View mode.
Option to display the check boxes for categories, and radio buttons for ratings in the Organize pane.

Erratic mouse movement when Snap to Grid was enabled in the operating system mouse settings dialog.
Quality issue with Soft Light blend mode in Edit.
Options | Reset to Defaults not resetting the Date option to correct default.
Metadata issues with time zones and daylight savings time.
Crash related to Asus Webstorage found on some Asus netbooks.
Using the CTRL key with magic wand tool to subtract from selection.
Auto-resuming pausing transfers to ACDSee Online after PC Sleep / Hibernation.
Arrow keys not selecting an item when there only one item in the File list.
File not appearing selected when opening context menu with CTRL + Right + click.
Resize dialog in Edit sometimes causing application to crash.
The header or footer in View mode not updating text for the Tag field when in full screen.
The Levels tool Tolerance Setting dialog in Edit sometimes disappears behind main application window.
Save As button for videos malfunctioning on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Lockup on startup when file list is filtering by Tagged and startup location is set to 'remember from previous sesson.'
Layers in TIFF files not preserved when modifying or embedding metadata.
QuickView window changed position when not maximized and taskbar was positioned at top or left of the desktop.
Multiple fixes to defects in repair tool, including quality issues when drawing outside the image and releasing the mouse button.
Mousewheel not scrolling through Edit mode filters when the scroll bar was available.
Tagged overlay failed to function for selected image if Organize or Folder pane had focus.
Change Binding button incorrectly disabled for network folders in Database Maintenance.
Quick viewing of embedded JPG in RAW files stopped working in View mode when emailing a RAW image in ACDSee.
Properties Pane showing pixels per inch when the resolution units specified in metadata as pixels per centimeters.
ACDSee Metadata in header and footer did not update in fullscreen View Mode.

RAW Support for Cameras
ACD Systems is committed to releasing regular free updates to support RAW files from new camera models as they become available. View the complete list of supported RAW formats.

Size | Size: 75.5 Mb 
OS | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 
Official Website | Home Page: 
Interface | Interface: english 
ACDSee Photo Manager 14.0.110_incl keymaker CORE



ACDSee Pro 5.0.110 / Photo Manager 14.0

ACDSee Pro 5.0.110 / Photo Manager 14.0

Welcome to ACDSee Pro, and congratulations on choosing the industry-leading digital photo management software. ACDSee is the essential application for importing, organizing, viewing, enhancing, and sharing your digital photos and other media files. ACDSee imports photos from your camera to your computer, categorizes and rates your files, and manages photo collections of any size - from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand. Choose to view thumbnail previews of any size, or use a detailed list of file properties to sort your files. Can't find a particular photo? No problem - ACDSee includes a variety of powerful searching tools and a Compare Images feature to eliminate duplicates.

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Download | Pro 5.0
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