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Ternyata gempa 8,9 Aceh 11 April 2012 sudah di ramal sebelumnya akan gempa dengan teknologi HAARP iluminati

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
pas ngiter2 liat link ternyata ada beginian gan :

klik link : nih linknya gaaan :

lihat yang di bunderin gan :

di post oleh ANONYMOUS coward

di linknya postnya pas bulan maret 2012 gan, sementara kejadian gempa ini 11 april 2012, berarti
emang di rencanakan matang-matang gempa ini.

dan dengan adanya gambar logo freemason di link itu

Nih katanya :

There will be a MEGA EARTHQUAKE to hit Indonesia soon caused by HAARP to suppress the mass protests against corruption and rising oil prices
Two reasons:

Indonesia wants to buy IRANIAN OIL.
[link to]

Mass protests are currently happening in Indonesia against corruption and rising oil prices.
[link to]

The solution?

A Mega Earthquake could hit Indonesia in the near future caused by HAARP to further suppress the mass protests and benefit the oil and bankster cabal agenda.
Anti BS out.



arti di atas katanya (translate) : Sebuah Gempa mega bisa melanda Indonesia dalam waktu 
dekat yang disebabkan oleh HAARP untuk lebih menekan protes massa dan manfaat minyak 
dan agendabankster komplotan rahasia.
intinya di buat oleh tekkhnologi HAARP buatan iluminati.

nih post terbaru dari ANONYMOUS coward :

I had a feeling something big was going to come up after the initial 7.6M earthquake hit
 Ometepec, Guerrero state, mexico on March 20th 2012 (which was the first marker).

At the time Obama's daughter and the pope were coincidentally in mexico, so I sense the earthquake was an omen.

This earthquake today comes exactly 22 days after that mexico earthquake on March 20th 2012.

(add 20 days from today and you come to May 1st 2012. 22 + 20 = 42 hmmmmmmmm )
Thread: There is something mysterious about the number 42 and its multiples..

Plus its exactly 13 months or 1 year and 1 month from the March 11th 2011 Japan Tsunami Disaster!
[link to ]]

The connections on Google Earth also tell you something.

So I looked up on recent events in Indonesis and saw there were mass protests against
 corruption and rising oil prices - plus they are trading oil with iran now.

So naturally I tried to make the logical connection that something was going to happen to halt these mass protests.

What better to screw up a country via a "natural disaster" and then keep the people busy by rebuilding?

Ordo ab chao, thats how they role.

They create the problems, we then beg for a solution which they then provide us.

Plus I suspect some alien/interdimensional involvement aswell, but I didn't put that in my first post 
because people wouldn't have believed it.

So I put the usual HAARP explanation.

The reason why I discard the usual "its a natural disaster because its in a geologically unstable 
area" argument because these disasters seem to always occur on ritualistic dates and 
synchromystically harmonize with other events in the past, present and future.

Now unless the Earth is self aware and carries out these disasters on on a timely basis to 
"teach humanity a lesson", there aren't many other reasons because we can rule out the fact 
t was just another "random unpredictable disaster".

Because once they are examined deeply enough, one will find a recurring pattern, and the 
most interesting thing is that the pattern converges after a while.

Its the Scientists/TPTB job to always claim such events can "never be predicted" 
so that they do not cause fear amongst the people, which could potentially lead to mass panic.

Anti BS out

artiin sendiri yaa hhe.

yang belum tahu apa itu iluminati dan HAARP klik aja :

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